A Dunmore Mural

Hello Everyone! I’m back and ready to share more art with you all! Today I went into Dunmore to see the Mosaic Project mural on South Blakely Street.

This mural depicts a train departing the Nay Aug tunnel near the waterfall, and the scene transitions from nature with a cardinal, to a train platform. This mural was a collaboration between local artists: Joy Zavada, Mark Perry, and Eric Bussart for The Mosaic Project. The Mosaic Project is a non-profit organization that encourages healing through the arts, by transforming “Broken into Beautiful.” I sought out this particular mural, because some of Eric Bussart’s other works can be seen in one of our own galleries on campus. His work is incredible, and this mural is no exception.

I love that this mural is inspired by Nay Aug park, because it is one of my favorite places to be in Scranton. This mural not only captures the essence of the nature found there, but also the history tied in with the railroad. I think this piece beautifully represents a centerpiece of any Scranton native’s childhood. Anyone raised in the area has memories of summers at Nay Aug. Some of us remember the days when the pool was open, and even less remember the days of the Zoo at Nay Aug (though not as fondly). Nay Aug park is a place where the city can be forgotten to the trees. These artists really captured the feeling of escaping the city, and brought it to the middle of Dunmore, offering a mindful breath of fresh air in an otherwise urban scen

If you’re driving through Dunmore, I highly recommend taking the time to see this mural. It is painted on the wall of Guiello’s Body Shop on South Blakely Street. You won’t regret the time well spent, appreciating the art of local artists, and taking a mental rest from the pressures of urban living.

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