Shutterbugs’ 3rd Annual Gallery

The Shutterbugs Photography Club held our 3rd Annual Member Exhibition this February 2023, and our opening reception was held this past Thursday, Feb 23, 2023. After weeks of hard work from everyone to put this show together I couldn’t be more proud of our exhibition! I recently took over the President position of the club and had a great time putting the show together. If you don’t already know, each year the Shutterbugs’ Photography Club holds a member exhibition showing the best works of any members that wish to participate.

This year we had more submissions than ever with 15 peoples’ work hung in our exhibition. We also displayed our work in a new spot in the panel gallery of the architecture building, filling the entire space! We have so many new members this year and seeing all of their work displayed, with it being their first exhibition for many of them, was amazing to see. Most of our members are novice photographers and watching their progression even from the beginning of the year it is easy to see how they are developing their photographic skills. Their understanding of composition, as well as lighting and saturation has greatly improved, editing their photos manually rather than adding standard filters. For the members we have had for a few years now it is a delight to see their progression from the works they have submitted for previous shows to now. Once again, understanding of composition and lighting has greatly improved with time and attention. Hanging the photos with so many people submitting work did prove to be a bit difficult, but putting our heads together we decided that on certain walls we would collage one persons works on the wall, rather than hanging in a straight line like all the other photos. At first I had my suspicions about whether or not this would look professional and consistent enough, but I think it added a nice sense of both height and variation to the overall look of the gallery.

For my own submission to the gallery, I had a hard time choosing what would best show my work as a whole, and what I liked best. Torn between some work I had done in my portrait class last semester and my current project for my photo book making class, Photography as a Means of Self Expression, I decided to go with current. I wanted to showcase a glimpse of what my larger body of work will look like, and figured that what I was working on now would be the best to show my abilities. I definitely think that these are some of my best work yet and am looking forward to compiling my book.

The gallery will be open to students through the 24th of February, 2023 It is located in the Panel Gallery of the architecture building on the pool side.

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