Painting Frame Of Mind

Hello!  So I have painting on my brain this week after starting work at the AFA Gallery in Scranton!  I now have the pleasure of tending the Artists for Art Gallery on weekends and I have been taking advantage of the environment to soak in some art and fresh air and find some motivation for my own work. Especially as I try to readjust my summer-brain to prepare for Fall classes, the Gallery offers a meditative place to consider beautiful art and begin to find my place in the larger art community.

So I went home and began to play.  I started a little underpainting of a figure wading into water and I up-cycled an old canvas that I originally disliked so much it appears I never bothered to photograph what I started with, but the weird, ambiguous cave setting felt like it could use a human element. I feel these may be a good start to a collection that has a greater theme overall. I am learning, too, how the title of a painting can affect how an audience perceives the work, so I will be giving far more thought in naming my pieces from now on.

I’ve been struggling a little to push myself to make art recently and being able to visit the Gallery regularly and having the opportunity to talk to guests about art of all kinds has put me in a good headspace for feeling creative.

For anyone interested in checking out the space and viewing the show currently on display, the AFA Gallery is located at 101 Penn Avenue, Scranton, PA 18503, just a short drive from Marywood University’s campus.  We are open to the public Thursday through Saturday from 12pm to 6pm and offer several opportunities to submit artwork over the course of the year, including Member Shows which students can participate in at a student membership price of $10 for a year.  Please feel free to explore the Gallery’s Facebook page or email with any questions.

What’s Playing- While not a music recommendation, the AFA Gallery’s current show is called – CONSTRUCTING REALITY. The exhibit will run from August 6th thru August 28th; hope to see you there!

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