Painting on Wood

I’m not much of a painter, in fact, I need a lot of practice. But when it comes to art I enjoy trying new things. My next summer task will be Painting. While at school this past year, my friend Autumn and I collected the funkiest shapes out of the scraps bin in the woodshop. Our goal was to find fun shapes then paint fun things on them. Sadly we never got around to it; freshman year can be very busy.

I still have those wooden scraps and I will finish what Autumn and I started. I will, of course, save the scrape fro Autumn to enjoy to paint. My plan is to find inspiration from the internet and to try and paint to the best of my ability.

This will be a great way to practice painting and to develop it as a skill. I don’t expect to become a master painter but I hope to acquire a technique that will potentially help me in the future.


Photo by Denise Johnson on Unsplash

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