Painting Pumpkins to Relieve Stress

With a little less than half the semester left and classes picking up, life can be stressful. Halloween is approaching but the normal holiday activities are most likely canceled. Halloween is my favorite holiday, closely followed by Thanksgiving. So, I decided to celebrate a little differently this year and learned that painting pumpkins is one of the most therapeutic activities I have ever done. 

Why did I paint a pumpkin? Since I live in a dorm, carving a pumpkin would be difficult because of the mess and how fast it would decay. But by painting a pumpkin, it can stay in my dorm decoratively for quite a while before it decays. Painting a pumpkin also puts you in an altered state of mind where time does not exist. I find that there is less pressure to paint a perfect picture on a pumpkin because it is round and often has many imperfections, unlike paper. You can paint things onto the pumpkin, like flowers, or you can make the pumpkin have personality by giving it a face. I love my painted pumpkin because it is very festive and brings me happiness. My roommate and I love painting pumpkins so much that we painted one together to decorate our dorm with.


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