Badge Project

Hello everyone! In my current sculpture course, the project I have been working on is a badge. A badge can represent something significant in your life that deserves commemoration. When first starting this project, I had to consider that I wanted my badge to represent about me. Would my project represent my inner personality, beauty or physical form? Would it depict what industry I work in or give an insight on my beliefs? These were all important factors, which would help contribute to the badge’s underlying message.

I had to first create five sketches of ideas I had in regards to the badges form. I decided to explore my options, being that that is my composition. I was unsure of what I wanted a viewer to perceive from looking at this badge. Would they be able to understand my way of thinking or just a stereotype? Originally, I wanted to created an abstract version of my physical form, more specifically my face with hair made of nylon rope. Within the hair would have been beads of various sizes and colors, causing for there to be more texture and movement.

I decided to start with creating the hair, by twisting the nylon rope in on itself, which created a spiral pattern. It is funny how going into a project, you do not always expect the outcome that you initially start with. I kept sewing the rope together, all the while attaching various beads to the hair. I did not really pay much attention when it came to sewing the beads. The more random and spontaneous the pattern, the better!

As I was sewing, I was slowly realizing with this mass of rope as it kept growing was looking better than my initial idea of creating an abstract face with hair. I decided to just keep the badge as a continuous circle with beads protruding out in every which direction. I continued to sew and with that the circle grew bigger and more bulbous. I really appreciated the randomness yet precision of the badge. I thought that it portrayed my inner workings well. I decided that it would be worn on the left side of my chest, proudly. The outcome of this badge revealed more about my identity than I imagined. I am proud of the work I have created.

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