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In class this week we were discussing Surrealism! With Surrealism of course comes discussing Salvador Dali. Dali was one of the leading surrealist artists in the representational style of surrealism. He would paint objects that were recognizable but in scenes that were unfamiliar, leading his work to have a dream-like quality to them. Often, these objects or people were distorted which further enhances the abstract quality. This concept was heavily based upon Freudian theories of the unconscious and dreams! Dali’s work is still so commonly known. I’m nearly certain that everyone has seen the “melting clocks” painting!

Dali has always been a favorite artist of mine, so learning about him in class was awesome! I wanted to share two interactive ways that I experienced more of his art this week!

The first is a video that was part of the video lectures that I watched for class. As a kid, I had always wanted to jump inside of the Dali print we had in our basement. I wondered what the huge, monstrous figures looked like in person and how the chair in the painting actually stood up! This video gave me the chance to experience that childhood dream of mine.

Salvador Dali, Archeological Reminiscence of Millet’s Angelus, 1935

It was posted by The Dali Museum and gives the viewer the chance to move through a Dali landscape! The video, entitled “Dreams of Dali: 360º Video”, moves you through Archeological Reminiscence of Millet’s Angelus while also allowing you to choose in what direction the video is oriented! You control your view while you soar through Dali’s work. It is both terrifying and awesome to be a part of Dali’s dream! You should definitely check it out here!

After I watched this, my friend told me about a collaboration that Dali did with Disney in 2003 called Destino! It is an animated short that began its production in 1945. In only seven minutes, elements of Dali’s surrealist style are combined with early Disney animation style to create an abstract depiction of a hapless love story. Definitely check this one out on Disney Plus!! Here are a few shots from this short.

Let me know in the comments if you check these out and what you think of them!! I found them both to be super interesting and wonderfully dream-like. Have a great week!

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