Palau Güell

Hopefully you’re not tired of my Gaudi-centered posts, because I’ve got another one! As it was the first Sunday of the month today, I was able to enter the Palau Güell for the wonderful price of free. Designed by Antoni Gaudi, this luxurious home consists of a basement, three beautifully decorated floors, and an incredible rooftop view decorated with plenty of ceramic sculpture!

Walking in the Palau Güell was, like many of Gaudi’s other creations, otherworldly. The curving columns, detailed doors and railings, and decorated ceilings created a rather magical experience. My favorite area was the rooftop, which contains sculpted columns decorated with—you guessed it—smashed up ceramics. The whole area had a Park de Güell feel, with the whimsical shapes and bright colors.

On the second floor, one room was decorated with paintings that curved around corners or were cut into by horizontal beams—something I found pretty strange. Still, this design element fit with the whole style of the room and worked beautifully.

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