A Little Reflection Never Hurt Anyone!

I feel the most challenging aspect within the art world, at least me for, is accepting oneself as an “artist.” Has anyone ever taken a step back to reflect and ask themselves “who am I” and answered that question with a confident response such as “ehh, uhm, an artist?. . I think. .?” I know I have!

I was recently reflecting on this because I noticed a few children I observe for my Art Education field hours experience the same conflict; they may not be direct about it but I can see it indirectly based upon their actions and questions. They question themselves quite a bit. I can see it when they look at their work and make highly confused and unsure faces. They also tend to seek approval from their peers, teacher, and sometimes even me. They ask, “Is this good?,” “Do you like this?,” or “What do you think of this?” Observing these elementary level children in this sense really reminded me of myself when I was their age, and they even reminded me of myself at this point in time as well.

The art world is such an ambitious discipline but I learned you cannot let that get the best of you, ever. Everyone has their strengths and weakness, which both can help you grow, learn, and exceed. However, each and every success or slip will not define you necessarily. It is yourself, you, who defines you. Will you let what others say about your work define you or will you let what you say about your own work rule your thoughts and go with your gut? There will always be “standards” or “rules” but what you take from them and create from your highly imaginative and creative mind makes you the artist you are and that is what is important!


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2 thoughts on “A Little Reflection Never Hurt Anyone!

  1. Well said! It’s amazing how similar adults are to children; I feel most people never outgrow the “Do you like this/What do you think” stage. That’s why it’s always so thrilling to see people find that confidence and come into their own. Creating is hard. It’s bringing something new into the world, like having a child or something. And no one wants to be told that their child is ugly 🙂 For more fun with art (of the literary kind), check out aliteralinterpretation.wordpress.com.

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