The City that Never Sleeps

I have written many posts about New York City before and I’m going to keep writing about my trips because each time I go I see different shows, exhibits, and galleries!

This most recent adventure into the city, on a trip with fellow classmates at Marywood, lead me to some cool galleries that had a lot of different artwork that I enjoyed seeing. For example one of the artists that I saw was Tara Donovan. She drew with a pin all these circles inside of each other. It was absolutely incredible to look at. Another artist’s work that I liked was Andy Warhol. I enjoyed looking at his advertisements, in particular, the Lifesaver poster ad.

When walking along the streets of the city, I also enjoyed looking at the different window displays. Since it is October, the decorations for all the different clothing stores are revolved around Halloween, and they are so spooky and creative to look at.

Another amazing piece of artwork I saw was the colorful wall mural of the World War II soldier kissing a girl when they came home from the war. You can see it beautifully from the Highline.

I ended my day exploring art in Manhattan by going to the Chelsea Market and getting gelato! Walking through Chelsea Market was also inspiring because everything was creatively decorated. All decoration is design; knowing where to put everything so that it looks good and so that all the people walking through can stop and look takes skill and creativity.

Below are some pictures from the day!

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