Paper and Plastic Prints!

There is one Saturday a semester that Marywood’s  undergraduate Art Therapy program has the chance to work with those in the Deutsch Institute! Scranton’s Deutsch Institute is a non-profit organization that plans events for those with special needs. Saturday, April 7th, was Marywood’s special Saturday with these beautiful people! As two undergrad classes joined together and worked together to give our specific population a great day, we used an unique directive that was new to us all… Plastic Bag Printmaking!

For this directive, the materials needed were plastic bags, paper, paint, cotton swabs, and a few stencils (for decoration purposes). All that needed to be done was to paint a desired design onto the plastic bag, lay that plastic bag over top of your sheet of paper, and peel it off to reveal the print! This process can be repeated as many times as the client wants to complete their masterpiece. All of the creations made on Saturday were wonderful. Whether the pieces of paper consisted of an abstract set of lines, a flower in the spring time, or a simple background with polka dots, each piece created consisted of creativity! Here are some creations:

Within the 2 hours on this Saturday morning, our clients created as many prints as the wanted to! As the clients were making their creations, they created a print to keep at Marywood and us students created one to give back to them. Just two hours, great bonds were formed over art making. All that permeated the studio on Saturday morning was imagination, laughs, and smiles. We cannot wait to do it again in the fall!

To see how this easy directive was inspired,  click here is the link for those who want to try and create their own masterpieces!

Featured Image: [The drying station of the studio!]

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