What Were You Wearing?

Content Warning

Today, I went to the “What Were You Wearing?” survivor art installation and it was very impactful.

The installation, which was first presented at First Friday on April 6th, was set here at Marywood from April 9th – April 13th.

The installation had a very powerful message.

The installation was a physical response to the question that is too often asked when someone is sexually assaulted: “What were you wearing?”

The installation featured representations of the outfits people were wearing the time(s) they were sexually assaulted.

These were normal clothes. This happened to normal people on normal days. And if you didn’t realize before viewing this installation, it taught you that it is never the victim’s fault.

I think it’s super important to know that you have to support each other when something bad happens to someone. Instead of tearing them down, not believing them, or blaming them (“Well, what were you wearing?) it’s important to be there for them. We, as humans, need to support each other rather than tear each other down. It’s so important.

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