Past Importance

So throughout my education courses I have said time and time again that I have this absence of art related curricula in my life. That being said again, I was able to actually put a little bit of my love for art into an assignment this week. As part of Art Education I need to take an Educational Psychology course (not really my thing) and in it we were told to come up with a test to give to students, in our specific discipline. Me being in art I got a little defensive. Tests? What about portfolios? Or group critiques? To me, the idea of creating a test in art was completely absurd…until I started.

I decided to take the Art History avenue for my less than exciting test assignment. Turns out, I have actually been enjoying it. Art itself gets so much flack for not being “important enough,” but exploring Art History again really solidified my desire to fight for my discipline. A creative education, I have said before, encourages individuality, creative problem solving skills, and well rounded future citizens, as well as a number of other things our society needs right now. But being that I am one of those creative individuals, I found that I myself lose site of the importance of knowing where art even comes from. What styles have been explored? Why were they important? What were the lives like of those creating these pieces? It is all relevant and shapes our world just as any other form of human history as done. Art was always there and was always important. It was there to document the personal stories of people living through World War I; or when women were rebelling from what society saw them to be in the 1920’s. Art History opens a window into our past, into the minds of our creative geniuses, and holds so much more power than we sometimes give it credit for. So show your kids a Picasso piece, let your students explore the color exploration of the Fauves. Take in as much as humanly possible when it comes to our own personal Art History. You never know how it may have shaped you into who you are.

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