Personalized Presents

Fortunately I’ve found some art ideas to work on to keep my creative brain flowing over the summer. I have always loved being creative especially when it comes to giving gifts, there’s something about giving someone a piece of art you made- it’s so special. One of my very dear friend’s birthday is approaching, so I decided to make her a painting for her room.

I started the painting out by squirting out some black and white paint on the canvas, along with a little matte medium. I then took a flat piece of card board and scraped the paint from one side to another, and it gives this awesome marble effect. I started experimenting with this technique in my last painting class, but using a palette knife instead. I repeated this process a few times, making sure to cover the entire canvas and achieve a nice range of grays. I also used a small amount of gold glitter paint to give the entire thing a nice sparkle. I did this painting outside, so the base layers dried fairly quick.

After I finished the base layer, I had to dig around for my liquid gold leaf. I began using liquid gold leaf in my paintings earlier this year and I just can’t get enough of it. I also experimented using regular gold leaf, which was just as amazing! Anyway, once I found it I stenciled my friends initials as a monogram onto the canvas, and filled it in with gold leaf. The result is an adorable, personal, one of a kind gift that I can’t wait to give her!


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