Auction Finds

In last week’s post, I briefly mentioned my use of repurposing. I simply love the idea of giving materials a new purpose. Plus, I may have a sight problem with gathering and keeping materials but who knows what purpose they can serve down the line eventually! Recently I obtained a box filled with what appears to be jewelry pieces from my dad. Every Monday, he goes to an auction and brings me back some real gems! I love the things he finds and I appreciate them greatly. Right now the pieces are scattered on my floor, and my sister Tori and I were going through them to see what caught our attention.Jewelry Pieces

I found an attraction to the gold, black, and silver pieces where as Tori collected white, silver, blue, teal, and gold pieces. And, a few days ago Tori had her friend, Isabella over who jumped in along with us! She pulled out pieces that were teal, black, white, and gold. I find it interesting how each of us all share the similar interest with some of the colors and jewelry pieces we chose. I decided to use these wood blocks I had as our canvases. My goal is to see what we can come up with when pairing these different materials together. As of now, we got this far:

Jewelry & Wood

Left: Mine | Middle: Tori | Right: Isabella

You can see some of the similarities with the colors and jewelry pieces but you can see the differences as well that make each of these pieces unique! Even though our pieces are quite far from being finished, I love seeing each of our thought processes and ideas coming together. I am not sure how these will end up but I am very excited to see!











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