Weekend Projects

This weekend was the first weekend in a while that I didn’t have to work. So I took the time to spend part of the weekend with my friend. Her birthday was on Friday. As a present to herself, she wanted to get her tattoo touched up, and I was invited along for the ride. The place was a bit of a drive from her house, but we had fun catching up in the car (and stopping for coffee). When we got there, I immediately noticed all of the amazing art they have in the waiting room. They also had some painted storm trooper helmets which, as a Star Wars fan, I absolutely loved. As my friend was getting her tattoo touched up, I realized it’s kind of cool how she’s walking around every day with someone’s art on her arm.  It turned out that my friend’s tattoo artist was actually a graduate from Marywood! It was awesome to talk with her and take a look at her art she had hanging up.

Back of canvas stretched across stretcher bars and tools (hammer, staple gun, gesso) used for stretching canvasI also spent the weekend getting started on some art pieces I’ve been planning. Most of my time was spent stretching canvases as I used all of my other ones up and needed more. I like to stretch my own canvases because it costs me less money even though I have to spend more time to do it. Once I bought a large roll of canvas, I only have to buy stretcher bars each time I need to make canvases and they don’t cost that much money. So even though I spent a lot of money up front, it eventually pays for itself. It also makes the paintings feel more personal to me because I’m putting myself into everything about the piece.

For now, my one painting only has some lines on it. While it looks like a mess, it actually makes sense to me. I like to lay down some lines to get the general composition going and cover the white of the canvas. I don’t get too attached to my original set up because I usually end up changing some aspects of it. The colors might even change as I go on. As I keep going with my lines and creating shapes and eventually it will look like what I intended. But right now, it’s just some confusing marks!Line markings on canvas

Until next week!


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