Philadelphia Fashion Week

Hello everyone! Over the past year, I have had the amazing opportunity to intern with Philadelphia Fashion Week as a Social Media Marketing Intern. The majority of the internship takes place during Fashion Week itself, which has two seasons. There is a show in February to showcase the Fall and Winter collection and another show in September to showcase the Spring and Summer collection.

I just got back from participating in the Fall and Winter 2020 collection that started on February 18th through February 22nd. Each day was a different theme in regards to fashion and what designers were being showcased. My role during all shows was to capture any and all content that was pertaining to the events. For example, before all shows start doors open an hour beforehand, during this time guests are mingling and taking photos. Some guests are shopping the runway looks featured by vendors that we had selling their good. As well as some of our partners and sponsors who had interactive booths for guests to participate with. All content that I captured during shows was sent to my Head of Social Media, who would then edit and post on our social media outlets.

Here is one of the looks from Cory Couture that was featured on the runway

Over the course of the week I had made so many great connections with many different people in the Fashion Industry. I had the honor of sitting in on a mentor-ship program held by Mickey Boardman, Editorial Director for Paper Magazine. Mickey sat down with all designers that were going to be featured in the show and discussed their brand. The designers took advantage of this time with Mickey because he has the tools for success when it comes to fashion. It also provided insight for me in regards to how to develop your brand from a designers standpoint and bring awareness to what you are crafting.

During this mentor-ship program with Mickey, I also had the privilege of meeting and speaking with Nancy Volpe-Beringer, who is currently a contestant on Season 18 of Project Runway. Nancy is an inspirational to all when it comes to going for your dreams. Nancy went back to school at the age of 59 and was a Freshman at Drexel University in Philadelphia.

All in all I value my internship so much with Philadelphia Fashion Week. It allows me to work an amazing team of creatives who want to put on a successful Fashion Week. After working diligently all year round preparing for Fashion Week with casting calls for models, interviews with volunteers and auditions for designers to be showcased in the show it all comes together and its beautiful to see. There are so many amazing collections that were featured on the PFW Runway that made not only a fashion statement, but a political statement.

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