Competition to Redesign Scranton’s Flag

Hey everyone, this week I wanted to talk about a fun design competition the city of Scranton is promoting. Looking to spruce up its image, the city of Scranton is calling all artists to redesign its current flag. The competition ends on March 20th and the requirements are as follows:

  • Symbols – Use shapes and symbols that represent the City of Scranton.
  • Simplicity – The flag should be able to be drawn from memory.
  • Coloring – Colors should remain consistent with the current flag: dark blue and yellow or gold.

“Submissions can be made by mailing your design to 340 N. Washington Ave. or by email to Submitted concepts will be considered donations to the Scranton Flag project. No concepts will be copyrighted. Any final design will be open for public use. The process will be open to submissions, though the steering committee and therefore the City of Scranton may chose not to adopt a submission exactly as it was created, as well as to not officially adopt a new flag if so chosen. In order to ensure usability and appropriateness, a chosen design may be subject to modifications by a graphic designer, working cooperatively with the original designer and the City of Scranton” (

I will probably be submitting a design myself and I encourage everyone to do the same! It will be a refreshing change and will hopefully bring some new life into the Scranton area. You can find the submission form here Good luck and I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

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