Philly Trip! 

This past Friday I got to enjoy a trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I really enjoy seeing the sculpture pieces from the different time periods. My Art History II class had an assignment to do while we were there and it made me take the time to really look at the detail in a work of art. I’ve been to the MET several times in New York but I didn’t really take the time to look at one piece for a long period of time. The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a lot smaller than the MET, which I liked because I can look at everything in a just a few short hours.

My favorite piece was the one of Diana which is at the top of the steps on the first floor. I find it to be very balanced which is appealing to me. It captures a movement right before she releases the arrow. I think that it’s just an amazing piece because of the grace it has. I hope to visit the museum again soon when they put more exhibits in. Overall it was a great experience and I really enjoyed the art there!

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