Mug Order

Hey everyone! So these past few weeks have been getting fairly stressful on my end, I’m just becoming overwhelmed with a lot of things. Anyway! Pottery has always been therapeutic for me, so I decided to go to the studio and get some work done. A while back, a women ordered 6 mugs from me, and I haven’t had the time to get them done. Although I’m lacking in time, I needed to do some pottery for my own good. So it was a productive and therapeutic Sunday! When I started to throw these mugs, I should’ve made more than the 6 I needed to account for any casualties. Well! The inevitable happened, and I lost one mug by trimming through the bottom. So now I’m short one mug for the moment, but I’ll get that one done soon.

I kind of felt like a production potter today because I was doing the same thing over and over. After each mug dried enough, it was time to trim them. Usually I really enjoy trimming and how it transforms a piece, but today it felt more like a nuisance. After I finally trimmed all of them (with one casualty), it was time to get a handle on these babies! I pulled five handles and let them dry for a bit. Once they stiffened up, I slipped and scored the mug and attached the handles. Lately I’ve been adding these little lumps of clay to the top of my handles, as a resting place for the thumb.

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