Philmont Scout Trek – Day 12: Cimarroncito Camp

Once again after performing my daily task of draining my blisters, we embarked towards Cimarroncito Camp. We stopped at Ute Gulch where we refilled our canteens and picked up a supply of food. It was nice to sit down, but we had to keep our momentum. Soon enough, our crew stepped into Cimarroncito Camp.

DSC_0706 (156)

Our lunch was spent on logs outside of the staff cabin… crackers, squeeze cheese, and tuna in a can. Everyone had decided that we would make the short hike to the cliffs where they held rock climbing. I got to the top of the cliffs and decided to sit it out. Instead, myself and my father hiked back down to get the camp together; we were given the wrong camp site and had to be reassigned.

DSC_0706 (190)

Today was a big day because we would have our first showers in 10 days. This was an enormous relief for everyone, but I believe that we could have gone more days without it and been perfectly fine. The shower was like a baptism, I felt brand new.

When the crew had finished showering, we all relaxed in camp. A staff member walked into our camp and notified us that everyone needed to move their tents (except mine and my tentmate) because of a bear trap that was placed nearby. He explained that there was a large bear problem in camp and he did not want anyone too close just to be safe. This alarmed us to quadruple-check our smellables before bed. I did not get a good night sleep with that thought planted in the back of my head and was awoken numerous times by the howling wind attempting to collapse our tent.


Tomorrow would be our second to last day on the trail…

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