Philmont Scout Trek – Day 4: Anasazi

We packed ourselves into a bus and drove away from base camp. Arriving in a “desert-like” area, we unpacked our gear and tightened the straps of our backpacks. After a few pointers from our guide, we embarked on our journey. Being in the middle of Summer it was hot, but there was absolutely no humidity at all. Still, hydrating was the most important key to remember while backpacking; dehydration can kick in if you are not careful.

After hiking a few miles, our crew arrived at Anasazi Camp. There we learned how to properly suspend a bear bag in the air using Philmont’s equipment. A wire was suspended across two trees and we had to heave ropes over it. Tying them off around two separate trees was important because if the bear/animal got one, it still would not fall. This would be essential for each moment we were not in camp or sleeping because the wildlife knows that Scouts have food and will jump at any opportunity.


Our first big view in the backcountry was on giant boulders overlooking the valley we would be hiking the next day. Reaching the top was amazing; staring into the distance and below at our camp which looked miniscule.


I decided to draw this moment because of it’s significance to myself and the rest of the crew. I made an attempt to draw more directional lines, following the contours of the rocks to the best of my ability. This drawing took the most time to complete. I did leave out a stormy sky in the background because it would take away from how busy the rocks, etc. are. I also did not draw all of the trees due to the darkness that seemed to cut through the drawing itself.

I will spend more time on my line work and get more comfortable with the pen strokes in my next drawing.

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