2019 Freshman Exhibit

On September 3, 2019, the opening of the 2019 Freshman Showcase took place. For anyone who does not know, this showcase features all types of artwork (from painting, to 3D design, to photography, and everything in between). All artwork was created by last year’s freshman.

The gallery was finished earlier that day, and the official opening took place at 6pm. I was asked by Professor Sue Jenkins to be the photographer for the opening, so I walked around taking photos of all the amazing artwork done by my fellow classmates, and I also photographed people enjoying the exhibit.

If you have not checked out the gallery, here is a little sneak peek. I hope this little taste encourages you to go see the full gallery yourself.

As a PSA, all credit goes to all the original artists, and congratulations to you all!




Also, my own photograph made it into the gallery as well!

You can see some more photographs from the gallery here.

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