Adoptable Animal Ads!

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend. For my first project of the new semester our advanced graphics class was challenged with creating a cardboard cutout of adoptable pets from Griffin Pond Animal Shelter! We were each tasked with finding three adoptable animals to feature in this month’s first friday in some of the local shops. I chose two dogs and one cat.

The dogs names were London, and Rocky. The cat’s name is Reggie. There were a few challenges with this project beginning at the very beginning when we had to get photos of the pets. They were so excited to be around people they had no intention of sitting still. I chose London because he was one of the least popular residents at the shelter. He is an adult male pitbull who has severe anxiety. When I met London my heart melted into a puddle, he was absolutely charming, and just wanted attention and affection. The other pupper I photographed is Rocky, this muscular boy was incredibly excited to get some pets when I got to photograph him. Like London, Rocky also is a male pit who has some anxiety, but really craves companionship. Finally Reggie. Reggie was the only cat I shot. Everyone always told me that it takes the right cat to make you a cat person. I still wouldn’t consider myself a cat person, but Reggie certainly left an imprint. He is the most caring and gentle hearted boy. He was so affectionate, unlike most cats I have met. He would be the perfect cat for anyone looking for a furry companion.

Anyways, back to the project. The next challenge was creating the store window ad that would be large enough for people to see from a distance. You also had to make a stand for the animal to lean up, and you had to remember to add enough space for the window ledge. 

Overall I enjoyed working on this project because I liked being able to go on a field trip, work with a real client, and help a cause and potentially help find the animals their forever homes.

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