Philmont Scout Trek – Day 7: Spar Pole

Our day started off with hiking in the valley from Rich Cabins. We veered off to a trail to the right and began an upwards climb. It was a mile of a sharp incline that required us to utilize the “caterpillar”. Hiking, each member would hike a number of paces and move off to the side of the trail. As the group passes and the last person in line walks by, you would step back in the line and the process repeated until reaching the top. This technique is extremely helpful because it gives each person a small break to hydrate and collect themselves.




Eventually reaching the top, we hiked along the trial until reaching Pueblano Camp. This camp included a cabin, a rough baseball field, and spar pole climbing; it was an old logging camp in the early 1900s.Eating our lunches we all decided to attempt the spar pole climbing. Spar poles were trees in logging used many years ago as a high point to transport logs from one location to another. The camp had fitted the spar pole with the proper equipment to allow one to climb it. We used “spur climbing” gear; spurs, a flipline, and the other basic climbing equipment. The spurs have spikes which give your feet grip and the flipline hooks into your harness and wraps around the tree for you to climb.



We left the camp after a thunderstorm rolled in a we hiked in a flash flood to Pueblano Ruins. There we set up camp and spent the night; our next day would end at the base of Baldy Mountain.

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