Hello lovelies, 

I just wanted to take a moment and say congratulations on getting through this week, even if it is BARELY, you still did it, and I am so proud of you. School is hard, life is hard and trust me I get it. Keep pushing forward and soon it will be easier.

This week in my advanced graphics class we are creating graphics that are a part of a campaign where schools put these motivational quotes on the bathroom stalls. Interested in what I am talking about? Take a trip to the art department and check out our bathrooms. Specifically in Shields 1st floor. 

Initially our professors were inspired by the project due a Facebook post that was floating around that showed other schools positive quotes on their stalls. 

I will not show you my designs yet, but I will actually be creating two. One is a Harry Potter Quote, and the other is your standard tumblr quote. 

My process began with deciding which quotes I wanted to use. Well, off to Pinterest and Tumblr I went. Most projects usually have me starting off by doing some research to help get my vision on paper. Next, I began searching quotes of motivation, I choose the Harry Potter one because I am a potter head through and through and I feel as if students of all ages can resonate with it. 

The other quote was inspired originally by Peter Pan, another classic. I watched and read Peter Pan probably 50+ times as a child. 

Look at next week’s blog post to see the projects! 

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