Photo Project Idea

Hey everyone, I hope y’all are doing well and that you had a good week. I’ve mostly been spending my time on school work, creative projects, and making sure I’m staying active.

This week’s post will be talking about a photo project idea that came to me while on a hike in Tunkhannock. As I made my way back to my car, I noticed that there were a ton of crumpled beer cans and trash that littered the roadside. I happened to have my DSLR with me so I started individually taking shots of the beer cans as they were lying on ground and then picked them up to recycle them (two edited shots shown below).

On my drive home, I tried to think of what I could do with this idea and what kind of message I wanted to promote. I came up with the name “Crumpled Beer Can Project” and have discussed this idea with several friends and teachers to gather their thoughts. Almost everyone suggested instead of simply recycling the cans, I should make it into some type of installation. Another photo teacher told me, if I had access to a photo studio, to kind of recreate the scene by bringing in twigs, grass, and dirt and mix the ‘dirty’ elements with ‘nicer’ objects like silk pillows (thanks for the concept, Sam).

I haven’t done much work on the project other than editing the photos I took that day, but it’s something I definitely want to flesh out in the near future. Let me know if any of y’all have suggestions and I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. I hope y’all have a great week!

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