Making A Movie Poster

Hello everyone! I hope you’re staying safe and healthy! Honestly, for me, it has been hard these past few weeks. I miss going to Marywood’s campus, and seeing my friends and teachers, but the best way I can continue is by focusing on my school work. The project I’m currently working on is to create a movie poster for the film “A Night at the Opera”, which was made in 1941. I made six thumbnails trying out different ideas that could represent the film. I chose to use the idea that focused on the features of the main characters.

Here is the first thumbnail of the poster. It is very basic and focuses on the main ideas and images that would be on the poster. Next, I worked on the layout. I need to figure out where the title of the movie was going and place all of the other relevant information.

I made the finished poster with my favorite program Clip Studio Paint Pro. I drew all of the illustrations by hand and scanned them into the computer. Here is the finished poster.

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