Unique Organic Forms

Hello Everyone! This week I thought I would share my latest project from my three dimensional design class. I had talked about this project in my latest post Finding Inspiration. I will be honest, I struggled with this project. I struggled to find the motivation to create. I struggled to motivate myself to be productive and not dwell on the things I cannot change in my life. But this project provided some outlet of creativity for me.

I wanted to create a form that felt familiar. During this time in quarantine, I have felt out of touch with nature and I wanted to create my interpretation of comfort in nature. There stands a tree stump that shows signs of aging with a group of mushrooms growing in the grass below.

For materials, I found myself collecting a variety of objects especially in my recycling cans. I used cardboard primarily along with paper clips and tacky glue for binding the cardboard. I am grateful for all my Amazon Prime purchases, as their containers were up-cycled. To create the mushrooms, I rolled wet cardboard into a tube and used the paper clips to hold it in place. The mushroom caps and the tree trunk were painted in water colors to create detail. I also attempted to create grass by making a collage of green magazine clippings.

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