Henrik Simonsen

Hi everyone! This week I wanted to talk about an artist called Henrik Simonsen. He is a contemporary Danish/Scandinavian artist, who creates beautiful paintings. His paintings often focus on the topic of nature, and he uses extensive colors to create these works.

An example of his work is the Silver Tree created in 2019.

This painting includes, as the title states, a tree that is in a white/silver color. The background is a dark blue that includes stars. In the background, there are outlines of either rocks, hills, or a landscape. For some reason, this painting vividly reminds me of Henri Rousseau’s A Carnival Evening. It might be because of the bright white/silver color within the tree and moon and the beautiful blue in the background.

Henri Rousseau, A Carnival Evening, 1886
Image from Wikipedia

Another example of Simonsen’s work includes a painting called Gold Evening, and it was created in 2016.

What makes Simonsen unique as an artist is his ability to create beautiful paintings through a combination of colors. Here, we see that Simonsen uses vibrant blues and reds (and light pick) to depict another painting of a tree surrounded by a background. Much like other contemporary paintings, it seems as though Simonsen uses colors to express emotion. When looking at this painting, there seems to be a joyful, calm, and comfort; this is because the colors are pleasing together.

A final painting example is called Don’t Break, and it was created in 2015.

This appears to be a painting of a tree that is falling apart. Here, we see that the tree is in a golden black tint, and the background is a light blue. This painting also reminds me of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings of the Almond Blossoms. Even though Simonesen’s tree appears to be dying, the bright colors don’t create this sense of panic (that the tree will fall apart).

Vincent van Gogh, Almond Blossoms, 1890
Image from Wikipedia

Feature Image from eyestorm.com

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