Photograph Retouch Project Part 3

Hello everyone! I hope we are all safe and healthy. This week I was able to finish my photograph retouch project for my Photoshop class.

The first step of this weeks retouching was adding color to the background. I decided that I wanted to add color to the grass and the trees first.

Adding Green

The second color that I added to the background was brown on the telephone poles and the tree trunks. I also added a bit of a tan color to the houses.

Adding brown and tan

And the last color that I added to the background was blue to enhance the sky.

Adding blue

I decided that I like three of the four corners with a little damage still there so I let them be. After hours of photograph retouching I have a fully colored image that I can’t wait to print out and frame for my Grandpa!

That’s all for this week! Stay safe and Healthy! I’ll talk to you all next week!

2 thoughts on “Photograph Retouch Project Part 3

  1. I love this! I went back and read the other posts. What a wonderful gift for your grandfather. The color of the car and the suit are awesome! Great work!

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