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Hello everyone! I’ve recently come across a contemporary photographer who takes photos of abandon structures and landscapes. His name is Christian Richter. He spent his time as a kid growing up in Eastern Germany, during the time of Communist control. Once the Berlin Wall fell, he became fascinated with the the area surrounding him and shown began to explore.

Since he a contemporary photographer, there is not too much information on him, but his photos speak for themselves. They are phenomenally stunning. In a Huffingtonpost from 2016, it says that he spent around seven years traveling across Europe photographing beautiful buildings. Here are just some of his abandon buildings photographs:

Personally, I would be terrified to go in some of these areas. Although they are extremely beautiful, there is something about an abandoned area that gives off a haunting feeling.

Here are also some of his landscape photographs:

I think the best part about the landscapes is that they are so simple, yet they highlight the beauty that is evident in nature. Also, it highlights the beauty of nature that people often miss or don’t realize.

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