Photography Internships & Jobs

Taking photos is a lot more than pointing a camera and snapping a pic. There is a lot of thought put into every photographer’s work. If you consider things such as lighting and composition when you are taking a photo, you have the potential to be a great photographer.

For those wanting a career in Photography, both photography majors and minors need to be aware how they can apply what they know and learn to find an internship or job. Photography jobs include everything from commercial photography to wedding photography. As an undergraduate student it is important to talk to your professors about internship opportunities but it is also important for you to find some yourself.

Looking for sources that will aid you in your search for an internship is quite easy. Websites such as is a great for a search engine to help people who are looking for an internship. Same goes for finding a job. Your professors will help you with anything you need. You can use websites like GetPhotographyJobs to find jobs wherever you look.

Photo by Nicola Perantoni on Unsplash

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