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Hello everyone! I have a documentary / movie recommendation for you all that might be interesting to watch. In my history of photography class we are doing a massive project where we are researching one photographer that interests us. The photographer I chose was Vivian Maier. When researching my photographer, I saw that there was a movie about her! The movie is called; Finding Vivian Maier.

This documentary was interesting to watch. Here is a back story about her and what to expect about this movie: A guy name John Maloof was at an auction house finding things for his project he was doing. He auctioned a case with images and other things. The person told John the photographer name which was Vivian Maier. He never heard of her so he searched Vivian up, but nothing came up. He looked at the negatives and he didn’t know much about photography, He liked her images but he didn’t know if they were good. He posted her images on flickr and from that it became very popular. From there he went to find and learn more about her. John searched and found clues that he contacted and from there it went down in history. An interesting thing to point out was that Vivian Maier was a nanny with lots of secrets. Nobody knows who her family was, she would have cases upon cases filled with magazines, receipts etc. In those cases were also more rolls of undeveloped film. The total of images that John found was more than 150,000. I don’t want to give too much away because I want you all to see and learn about her because John really dives deep into the artist’s life and it’s truly a must-watch movie on your list!

I also want to show some of her work. Throughout those rolls of film, she has photographed the streets of New York and Chicago, in black&white and color, and self-portraits! Her images are amazing and well composed. I find them funny and unique. Some you feel sad and empathy for. Her self-portraits are creative and sometimes I feel like I’m playing Where’s Waldo!




I hope you all get a chance to watch, you can watch it by purchasing it on amazon. If you are also interested about her or images you can go to this website:

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