A Lightsaber for a Hand?!

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Once again I fell into the very deep hole that is TikTok and came across another amazing artist named Trace Wilson. Trace is an artist with a bionic arm. On his TikTok (@eatpraynub), he adds things that are far from hands, to his bionic arm. My favorite being baby yoda (grogu). Most of these additions are 3D printed. He adds a metal attachment at the bottom to fit into the bionic part. He not only creates really cool cosplay pieces but also talks about how a bionic arm actually works. Trace adds many things to his arm from lightsabers, to keyblades, to Aquaman’s harpoon. Not only is he making some really nerdy stuff for his arm, but he also makes functional cosplay props for sale (if you click the link in his name it will take you to a list of his services). He also has a book and plush doll for sale on his etsy, helping kids who were also born without limbs. He makes this “disability” into a really beautiful thing and makes everyone realize what a gift it can actually be. The books are to help kids who were born without hands, or any body part for that matter, cope and realize they’re not alone. Not to mention, he just wants to help the community and create some really cool art. I reached out to Trace to see if he had any additional comments and I didn’t get a response. So Trace, if you’re seeing this, thank you for making some really awesome stuff and making your community a better place.

Stay kind, cool, and crafty.

Trace Wilson Books

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