Student Spotlight: Caitlin Ryerson

Caitlin Ryerson is a Junior photography major here at Marywood University! She is the current president of Zeta Omicron Kappa Pi (International Art Honor Society), which we both take part in! I have always been interested in her photography and her style so I decided to learn more about her! Let’s get to know her!

Name: Caitlin Ryerson 

Year of Graduation: Class of 2023 

Major: Photography 

Minor(s): Art History 

I am majoring in Art because… I have always loved and been passionate about photography since the beginning. Photography in general helps me be creative in so many ways, I love capturing moments from my family’s and friends’ events to even documenting the world. I want to share with people the things I see through my eyes because everyone sees things differently, so photography is the only medium that can achieve this.

The kinds of things that inspire me are… looking at other people’s images, especially the people who are in the Photojournalism field because they capture in the most creative and impacting way. Which inspires me to capture like them, and learn and explore more. But most importantly my parents inspire me, they have pushed me to the limit when it comes to photography. Without them I truly would not be where I am today, going to school for photography and fulfilling my dreams.

My favorite art class so far was… Advanced Black and White. This is where I got to capture my images on film and develop them in the dark room! I loved the whole process. My favorite part of the process is seeing my image come alive when placed in the developer. Even though there were times of struggle and stress, I still loved doing the whole thing. 

When I am not in class… I am out with friends, doing activities for the many clubs I’m involved, or out photographing. 

The coolest thing I have done at Marywood so far was… putting together the Zeta Omicron Kappa Pi International Art Honor Society 2022 group art exhibition as the President! It truly put me to work and realized how much thinking and preparation an exhibition was. Overall, it was fun seeing everyone’s talents in one room and the group exhibition turned out amazing!

When I graduate… I plan to work at any news company photographing for their newspapers. I want to leave Pennsylvania and go towards Washington D.C. My big shooting star hope is working for National Geographic!

I would recommend the Art program at Marywood because… everyone is very inspiring. Each faculty helps you grow and watch you become a great artist. Their kind words and advice personally helped me shape as a photographer and a person. 

…faculty helps you grow…

What excites me most about Art is… how it is always different. I enjoy all different types of mediums of art because each artist has their own mind and way of expressing their style. It makes the world colorful and interesting! 

Who is your favorite artist and how do they influence you? My favorite artist is Vivian Maier because not only is her story interesting and fascinating, her photographs are amazing! Her street photography and her self-portraits are something different you will ever see when it comes to those two categories. Vivian influenced me because it taught me to be creative, shoot at different angles, do not be scared to take pictures of people in the streets, and so much more.

Thank you guys for reading! I loved getting to know Caitlin and learning more about her photography work! I hope you guys enjoyed as well! Tune in to our next student spotlight blog in two weeks! Till then!


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