Hi everyone! Lately, just for fun, I’ve been looking through books and online sources to check out the art of photograph. Since I mostly focus on paintings, it’s been interesting to learn about photography, something I have little knowledge of. But I’m very impressed with the way artists handle photography as an art; it takes a lot of skill to manipulate and construct a beautiful photo, a lot more than people tend to give credit for.

Something interesting I wanted to share with you all are some photographs from the 2019 and 2018 Sony World Photography Awards. The Awards are divided into 4 sections: professional, open, youth, and student. These photographs are phenomenal. The ones I wanted to focus on was the national winners.

Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 10.55.11 AM - Edited

Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 10.56.06 AM - Edited

Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 10.56.12 AM - Edited

Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 11.04.15 AM - Edited

Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 11.06.09 AM - Edited

Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 11.06.56 AM - Edited

I love how so many of these photos are related to nature. I think these photos can show you the beauty of the world through the simplicity of nature; and much of these beauties surround us everyday, but we don’t notice them. Some of these are a little less common for us to see, such as a lion, but the directness of the photos really bring the viewers in. I really enjoy the photo of the lion because of it’s direct stare at the viewer. I also enjoy the playful manner of the first photo with the seal.

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