Spotlight: Elementary School Mural

Being back home for the first time in months is definitely relaxing… but there is never a need for a break from art!

I was recently commissioned to paint a mural at the elementary school I went to in New Jersey. The school paints a mural every year to celebrate and commemorate the graduating fourth graders as they leave the school to begin middle school.

The best part about it, is that every fourth grader gets to be apart of this mural and leave their mark on the school for years to come.

Each mural is based around a quote that is chosen for that class and then created based off of that. The class of 2019’s quote is, “We should give our children two gifts: One is roots. And the other is wings.”

This quote inspired me to of course paint a tree and flowers that could have both roots and leaves.

I really enjoyed spending time at the school for a week, especially visiting my past teachers. The best part of painting this mural was that it was the last mural to be added to the hallway of murals that began during my time at the elementary school.

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