“Dressed To the Nines”

After finishing my fly fishing series, I found myself trying to think of something else to illustrate.

Going off of what I had just previously completed, I decided to create a digital drawing of my other younger brother in a similar style. He had just gone to his Senior Prom and there were plenty of photographs to use as reference.

Instead of going extremely in depth to the shadows, I decided to keep it much simpler. Only using minor shadows, I was able to create the “illusion” of the figure. I did not use any of the smoky technique this time around; instead, I kept the background a solid color, in which I matched the background to the color of his eyes.

Peter Tuxedo

I especially enjoyed drawing him in the tuxedo because of the sharp contrast of the solid black and white. The shirt and pocket square pop and his bow-tie bring it all together to make your eye at least travel a bit. I was stuck on whether I should add the shine on his shoes, but I ended up keeping the black all one big form.

In the future I may try to illustrate/paint him in a Pop Art style, but for my next post, I may try something different…

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