Tips For Dealing With Tough Cookies

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone had a nice week! I cannot believe how fast Summer is flying by. Before you know it school will be back in session! This week’s post will be my personal tips about dealing with a difficult client. As designers, sometimes we will stumble across a customer who may be less than ideal. They may not know what they want, or have a specific image in mind. Well, hopefully, with these tips I can help you smile back at anything this design world throws at you.

Olivia’s Tips For Dealing With Tough Cookies

Take a breather & Be Patient – When you are working with a tough client, remember to take a breather and be patient! As long as you are doing all that you can, it will get done, and it will work out. If you are being overwhelmed by a project, take a break! Stand up, go get a snack, have an impromptu dance break etc… just walk away from the project for 10 mins… Trust me it does wonders!

Remember they are not designers – This is a very important thing I have learned while I have been working full time. A lot of these clients have no idea what they want, they do not know what goes into our work, therefore when their original idea is not met, they may not understand why we can’t produce. Take the time to fully explain to the client things, without overwhelming them. They will thank you at the end, and may end up learning something!

Make a decision – Sometimes, it is necessary for you as the designer to make a decision and reel a customer in. A lot of times the customers have this idea in their head but have no idea how to execute it. This can either work in your favor or not… Most of the time however, I’ve been able to create the vision the customer had no idea they wanted! So do not be afraid to make some tougher design decisions, the client may be pleasantly surprised.

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