Playing with Art

Hi everyone! This week I wanted to show you guys an interesting art trend that I’ve been seeing on social media where artists take classical artworks and incorporate pop culture references or completely recreate them with these references. These paintings are usually extremely hilarious, and they take on a new meaning based on our societal interests. I hope you guys enjoy these!

David’s Napoleon Crossing the Alps recreated by Michael Whelan:

Napoleon’s painting was replaced with a fierce-looking teddy bear.

Duchamp’s Nude Descending a Staircase recreated John Mattos:

Here, the famous nude descending the staircase is replaced with the Star Wars C-3PO.

Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring recreated by David Barton:

Here the Girl with a Pearl Earring has been replaced with Marge Simpson.

Monet’s Woman with a Parsol recreated by David Barton:

Monet’s woman was replaced by Dark Vader.

Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait recreated by David Barton:

Lastly, here Van Gogh was replaced by Homer Simpson.

These are so cute and crafty! People took the time to create artworks that relate to our society, and I love these because they are very humorous; plus, they engage with these artworks, and they give them new meanings.

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