Political Posters

With less than a month before the upcoming primary election, a Marywood graphic design class took on the challenge of making political posters to encourage everyone to vote, some non-partison, some tying in their own political views. The posters are inspired by Get Out and Vote, a design campaign promoted by AIGA, The Professional Association for Design. Even though voting registration has past in Pennsylvania, whoever is registered needs to be voting. Everyone has different political views and that is okay, but in order to get your voice out you have to submit your vote. People always argue that “my vote won’t matter” or that “it won’t make a difference”. Every person and every vote can make all the difference in the world.

The graphic design political poster project was on display in the Kresge Gallery first floor of Insalaco, Oct 5-19th, 2016. Even if you didn’t get a chance to check out the posters, you can still view the full gallery of political posters on Marywood Art Department’s Facebook page and be inspired to vote, November 8th. Share the posters on social media and with friends to also encourage them to vote. Everyone’s vote matters, so don’t be silent.

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