Preparing for Inktober

The best time of the year is almost here! Lots of people are out and about preparing their pens and their prompt lists for Inktober! So what is Inktober exactly? And can anyone participate?

Inktober was created by an awesome illustrator named Jake Parker. Initially, the challenge was started as a way to see if artists could build up a drawing habit for 31 days. As it has grown, it has become not only a yearly tradition, but also a way for artists to grow themselves in all sorts of ways. Drawing with ink is allowed, but if you are a digital artist, for example, you can use the month to build up your digital inking techniques instead!

So what exactly do you need to participate?

It’s really up to the artist in all honesty. No one seems to be a policeman when it comes to Inktober. Some artists use sharpies, others use inking pens like dip pens or microns. Others just use ball point pens! Paper is much the same. As some use their sketchbooks, others use loose leaf paper, and many can use just plain printer paper.

There are prompts that you can follow, or you can also make your own up, lastly the option for drawing is you making it up as you go! Jake Parker releases a prompt list on the official Inktober website, if you find it easier to work off inspiration. The prompts are single worded and made to help the imagination flow.

Lots of people follow the inktober hashtags, so be sure to tag your art each day! This year you can use #inktober and #inktober2018 on all platforms, so artists of all sorts can see your art!

Do you think you’re ready? Are you excited? Just get up and do it, even if you don’t finish, then you have a challenge for yourself for next year! And don’t be afraid to do some days and not others, no one keeps track for you except for you!

Now get out there and get your markers ready, October is just around the corner!

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