The wedding season is upon us! Friends and family are bombarding our social media with wedding photos, and it may be slightly annoying with the quantity of photos that are being posted, but you can’t help smiling at the happy couple.

The wedding season is probably one of the largest sources of income for photographers. How long they are required to work and the number of photos taken and edited can indicate how much money they might ask for. Some beginning photographers just out of college might only charge $500-$1000 for a wedding, but for those who are more experienced may be asking anywhere between $2500-$10,000. It may seem like a lot of money, but in some cases, this is the only income a photographer has. This covers not only the time it takes to create the photographs, but also the time needed for edits, any printing, and sometimes the creation of something special, like a book with a collage of the photos, as well as any travel expenses and the equipment required for everything.

Black Tie Visuals - Hannah and Mikey

Black Tie Visuals – Hannah and Mikey

This past weekend, I went to my cousin’s wedding and couldn’t help taking note of the photographer as he tried to blend into the scenery to capture the moment. A few days after the wedding, his studio, Black Tie Visuals, released a few sneak-peek photos, and they were gorgeous. Upon visiting his site, I learned he is more of a videographer and has made numerous short films and commercials, as well as co-shot and edited a cooking show. He then brought his style of storytelling into the wedding industry and the work he produces is amazing. Check out his site here!


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