Preparing for Life

So this week I started looking into internships for the summer. As an art administration major, I have to do three internships before I graduate in 2019. Right now I am applying to do an internship at the Allentown Art Museum. The applying process includes sending in a resume and a cover letter. This part was a bit difficult mostly because I haven’t really touched my resume since I got accepted into college, which is a very bad thing. I am currently doing my first internship now with Ryan Ward in The Maslow Study Gallery and he is helping me a lot with applying for this internship and how I should present myself with the cover letter. My business teacher, Dr. Law, is also helping me by sending me layouts about how to organize my resume. It is a very stressful time but it is really nice to know that the teachers at Marywood are so helpful and I recommend other students to reach out to their teachers for help.

I have also been invited to join a new organization on campus, The NSLS, which stands for The National Society of Leadership and Success. I have all ready been so a couple of meetings that include orinentation, training, and speaker broadcasts. So, I am am really hoping everything works out and I get officially accepted to this organization and to the internship. Then I can add these things to my resume!

This past week I have been so busy and retained so much information about many things I have to do. I also think this is a good reminder for people who are reading this to check on their resume and make updates instead of waiting years like I did!

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