Job Interviews

Many people know that searching for a job has its difficulties. You are looking for a job that you will enjoy. Once you find a job that you believe is right for you, the hard part is over right?

That’s actually not true. The hardest part is succeeding. Once you choose a job, the job has to pick you. Are you the person they’re looking for? When companies are deciding if your the right fit for them, they take into consideration your job interview.

Which brings me to my point. Job Interviews! A job interview can be stressful. I know from personal experience that anything can happen once you convince yourself that you are doing something wrong. One of my biggest hang-ups is overthinking.

If you are an art major and have a job interview coming up here are a few suggestions to help you

  1. PORTFOLIO Portfolio Make sure your portfolio is updated. As an art major, your portfolio is an important part of a job interview.
  2. RESEARCH Learn as much as you can before going in. You want to impress an employer with knowledge of their company. Show them you mean business.
  3. SKILLSET Let your skills be known. They have your resume plus your portfolio but tell them what is that you can do. An employer is going to like that you are sure of your work. They too will be sure of your skill.
  4. CONFIDENCE Be confident. Walk into that interview with your head held high. Employers like to see the confidence and will gather that you are determined.

Those are a few thoughts that should be in your head before entering an interview.  These are not tips because people use tips as a rule book. These are suggestions because they should be considered.

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