Preparing for the Semester

It is now mid-August, and everyone is starting to say goodbye to Summer and is starting to prepare for the Fall semester!

I’m preparing for a full 18 credit schedule filled with art classes. Since I’ll be declaring 2 minors, Graphic design and art history, I’ll need to be taking 18 credits every semester so I graduate on time! Thankfully, my minors are art related, so my major classes for the most part, overlap with my minor classes. I’ve started drawing and sketching in a new sketchbook for the semester. I’ve also been organizing my art supplies in preparation for the semester, and getting rid of old or unusable supplies to make room for the new ones! If you’re on the hunt for quality art supplies, Michael’s is my favorite place to go, and they always have coupons available!!

Another thing I did to prepare for the semester is I improved my portfolio over the summer! Most of the stuff I worked on over the summer I did during my graphic design internship, so it’s all digital. I hope to do at least one hand drawn/painted work before I go back, though (to prepare for the 6 hour illustration class I have in the fall!). The design stuff I did during my internship really helped me broaden my horizons to the world of graphic design, something I didn’t really know much about before!

I’m just really looking forward to starting up school again and getting back in the groove of tests, projects and due dates! I’m also really looking forward to cooler weather and Halloween!

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