Artist Inspo: May C. Tong

One of my favorite things is hand lettering. I love all the different types. I follow many different accounts on Instagram for inspiration and because I love seeing how different artists can create the same type of work in such different ways.

One of my favorite hand lettering artists is May C. Tong. She uses a calligraphy pen to create beautiful pieces of art. She has also used paint, foil and even embroidery in her pieces.

She is what inspired me to get my own calligraphy pen. Seeing what she created with her pen made me want to try it. Although I am still a beginner, just watching her videos inspires me to keep practicing!

May has also challenged herself to complete different tasks. her most recent was the three-word challenge, where she lettered different three-word quotes during the month of June. I think it’s important to see artists doing that. When you see them pushing themselves, it inspires you to push yourself.

Here is some of her work!

Featured image taken from May’s Instagram, @minortismay

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