Sem;colon Tattoos

Over this past weekend, I had someone ask about my semicolon tattoo and what was the meaning behind it. There are several different reasons people may get a semicolon tattoo, but they mainly represent Suicide Awareness. This little mark can be a very small symbol for a very big, important cause – which I find amazing.

My reasoning for my semicolon is because I wish to work with those with suicidal ideation through art therapy. Whether it comes with depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, or just as simple as coping with a side effect from medicine, suicidal ideation can very scary and dangerous. I have felt so strongly for those who have been affected by suicide and for those who have attempted, thought out a plan, or cannot shake the thought of it. I went and received this semicolon tattoo on my wrist past October and sometimes I forget I even have it! But having someone ask me about it and wanting to know more about my reasoning made me reflect on how truly important this cause is. Another beautiful part of these semicolon tattoos is how not all of them are the same. I have seen some that are remarkable! People have created this symbol into a small narrative on an area of their body, such as butterflies, flowers, birds flying away, and different words. The variety of the semicolon tattoo is amazing! Since the day I have received this small tattoo at the edge of my left wrist, my interest in working with those who struggle with suicidal thoughts has only gotten stronger. Here is a reflection collage I created at the time of receiving my tattoo:


Mental health is no joke and I think that suicide proves how scary it can be. I wanted this tattoo to remind my future patients that I can sympathize and try my best to help them out of these wild thoughts and I am anticipating the day where it reminds those I work with to stay strong!

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