The Most Magical Place on Earth

“The most magical place on earth,” is the most accurate description of Disney World. It is an amazing place that brings out the little kid in everyone.

For my final weekend in Florida, I made the trip out to Orlando to visit Magic Kingdom, and loved every second of it. There are so many things to appreciate about this park. One thing I appreciate is the graphic design and illustration! I love seeing all the character and graphic designs they create.

There is just something about this park that will absolutely bring a smile to everyone’s face. One thing I love to see is how each area has a theme, and makes you feel like you’re in the show itself.

Some of the most impressive character designs to me, are the new movies! I love the movie Moana and Coco. I went from loving Peter Pan and A Bug’s life to Moana and Coco. It is amazing to see the advancement is Disney’s designs.

From these two movies:

Peter Pan

A Bug’s Life


To these two:




You can see the obvious improvements in the illustration. But no matter what movie it is Disney always pays attention to every small detail and keeps EVERYONE entertained. There is a movie for everyone.

I love how well Disney does this. I will always been a Disney fan.

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